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Jelt is the Newest Downtown Bozeman Association Member!

Did you know that Jelt is based out of Bozeman, Montana? In fact, our headquarters is nestled right in the middle of Main Street! Being downtown, we have always considered ourselves a "Downtown Bozeman" business, and now it's official! Jelt is proud to announce ourselves as an official Downtown Bozeman...

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SPRING BREAK '16 #Jelting Photo Contest!

 Wearing your Jelt through airport security on your way to Mexico? Skiing with your Jelt in Jackson Hole?Sipping a piña colada while #jelting on your front porch?Take a photo of yourself Jelting. Post the photo on your Instagram using #jelting or your Facebook tagging Jelt. You will be automatically entered into our photo contest. That's...

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Celebrating Two Years During Women Inventors Month!

Do you like beer? Can you imagine your life without a Wi-Fi? You have women inventors to thank for those necessities. Did you know that more women are getting patents than ever before? This is an amazing time for entrepreneurial spirit-- the time to turn your dreams into reality, and...

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