Giving Thanks!

It’s snowing outside and you're on your way to Thanksgiving dinner with your friends and family, but what to wear? A cozy sweater with jeans is always a good choice and to make the outfit even more comfortable try adding your favorite Jelt to your outfit! The no-show buckle will keep that sweater from looking too bulky and the stretch fiber band will allow you too eat as much delicious food as you please. 
Also remember to never to show up to dinner empty handed. Jelt always pairs wonderfully with a nice bottle of wine for the party host.
Jelt Thanksgiving Guest   Jelt Thanksgiving Guest

Don’t forget to spend time relaxing too. The holiday season can get busy and stressful sometimes. One great way to take your mind off the many preparations for your Thanksgiving dinner is to participate in the annual Huffing for Stuffing Thanksgiving day run located in Bozeman, MT. Its a great way to spend your morning outside with friends and family. Also, the proceeds of the run go to the Gallatin Valley Food Bank to help families in need this holiday season.
Here’s a link to sign up for the Race . . .
The fun run is for all ages and if your not feeling up for the 10/k run on a cold morning, don’t worry there is also a 5/k run/walk that takes place as well. Some of our Jelt staff will even be out at the run on Thursday morning!

Remember to enjoy yourself and relax a little this holiday season and from all of us at Jelt we are always very thankful for our loyal customers.

Happy Thanksgiving!