Help Us Get into 365 by Whole Foods Market!

November 11, 2015

Jelt was specifically made with recycled materials because it has always been a goal for us to make it into Whole Foods, a retailer we have always looked up to. When we heard about Whole Food's new extension 365, we were equally excited. 
365 by Whole Foods is “A modern, streamlined design with innovative technology and a carefully curated product mix will offer an efficient and rewarding way to grocery shop,” says president, Jeff Turnas. 
The name is meant to embody the idea of fresh, organic food and products being readily available 365 days a year, while also paying tribute to the Whole Foods “365 Everyday Value” brand. Jelt is all about value as well and we have designed our product with the best recycled materials available so that your Jelt will last a lifetime! 
We really feel that our product would be a great addition to these stores and we need your help! 
Jelt applied for Friends of 365, a program that will operate independently of the store and highlights businesses that have the same missions and values of 365 by Whole Foods Market. If selected for the program, our business will be responsible for making the space our own, staffing and all aspects of running the operations for our concept. 

365 Whole Foods Market

If selected for this round, 365 invites up to 20 businesses to their Austin mothership to meet with their team, present our pitches in depth and discuss a collaboration.
This is a great opportunity for Jelt and we need your help! Please help vote for our concept by November 15th and cross your fingers for us too!
Thank you!