Just in time for Winter, Jelt Extreme is here!

Jelt Extreme

Winter is officially here which means time for gear, gear and more gear. When you’re buying top-of-the-line goggles, boots and equipment, adding a cheap accessory to the mix just doesn’t feel right. That was the nagging concern for us here at Jelt, so we decided to introduce an even stronger and more extreme sports focused belt to our product mix. 

Just in time for the fresh snow, our team has introduced our newest member of the Jelt Belt family, The Jelt Extreme. 

Jelt Extreme

It's been a commonality among our ski buddies that they are not a fan of leather belts during physical activities such as snow sports because the materials always seem to get wet and fall apart and the bulky buckles are a no-go as far as comfort level goes. We kept these ideas in mind when adding to our product line. 

Since it's origination, our original Jelt Belts have served many functions due to their versatile, elastic design and low profile buckles. They hvae been worn as a ski belt, travel belt, wader belt and a favorite everyday accessory. Although perfect for all of these things, we wanted to create and even more ideal piece of gear that could be used on the heaviest of pants for your work day, to your active wear for your extreme outdoor adventures. So with that notion, The Jelt Extreme was born. 

Jelt Extreme


Equipped with our signature "Jelt Gel," the Jelt Extreme is an even more durable Jelt made with a super strong elastic that will stretch but still hold on tight and an army surplus buckle that will stand up to all of the elements.  We also added in an adjustable piece to make sure you're all strapped in before you head out!  

Another big goal with the development of this new product was to work on moving our manufacturing to the US. We have partnered with the Montana Correctional Enterprise Women's Industries Program, in Billings, Montana to manufacturer Jelt Extreme. This privileged program empowers women and provides them with transferrable skills and workforce training they can apply to their future. We are proud to say that this product is made in Montana and also helps to empower and preparing women for reentry into their communities.