Recycled water bottles woven into super-strong elastic for Jelt Belts

Today is America Recycles Day.


In honor of today, we are #jelting of course! 


Did you know that Jelts are made from 100% recycled materials? This is a feature that was very important to us when developing Jelt. We source all of our polyester yarn from recycled water bottles. This yarn is then stitched into a super strong elastic, giving Jelt our signature, strong stretch.  


Using recycled fibers saves the water and energy used to grow cotton and diverts scrap material from the waste stream; the post-consumer polyester yarn that is used from our belt comes from single-use plastic bottles just like the ones that are threatening oceans and marine life all around the world. 


Diagram of recycled water bottles woven into super-strong elastic for Jelt Belts


To make recycled polyester, they clean and sort bottles and place them into a machine that chops and grinds them into small bits. The bits then get melted, and the softened plastic gets squeezed through a plate that has a number of tiny holes in it. The plastic comes outs in thin filaments that are spun on large metal rollers, forming a yarn that’s ready to weave into recycled polyester. Check out this cool video to learn more: 




Jelt is honored to do our part to help others make the shift to sustainable apparel and to incorporate minimalism into a lifestyle. And when you buy a Jelt, you will never need another belt, which is sustainable in itself! 


Happy Recycle Day everyone!