USA red, white and blue stripe Jelt belt
Jelt USA red, white and blue stripe belt with super-strong elastic, grippy inner gel and low profile buckle.
Man wearing USA red white and blue stripe Jelt elastic belt with jeans and white t-shirt
Jelt anatomy with callouts: Recycled materials, metal free, flat buckle and made in Montana
Woman wearing USA red white and blue stripe Jelt elastic belt with jeans and white t-shirt

The USA Stripe Elastic Belt

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Show off your classic all-American style with the USA Stripe Elastic Belt from Jelt. With its retro-inspired red, white and blue style, this is the ultimate pick for pairing with your favorite denim jeans to a backyard barbecue or bonfire. It’s also durable enough to wear for adventurous outings, including hiking, biking, skiing and more. The lay-flat buckle eliminates the dreaded belt bulge, and grippy gel along the inside keeps it in place with or without belt loops. The USA belt is 100% metal-free as well, so you can sail through security without having to remove your belt. Made from recycled water bottles, this thin elastic belt is an eco-friendly option that Mother Nature will appreciate. Get this patriotic red, white and blue belt by Jelt to add a touch of Americana to your look.

  • Super-strong stretchy elastic waist belt 
  • Non-slip, grippy inner gel holds on tight and keeps the belt in place
  • Flat, no-show belt buckle with an interlocking design
  • Can be worn with or without belt loops
  • 100% cruelty-free, 100% vegan
  • Hypoallergenic, 100% non-metal and nickel-free
  • Made from recycled water bottles
  • Belt width 1.125”
  • Weight approx. 2 oz.
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    Icon three plastic bottles and recycling arrows representing Jelt elastic belts being made from recycled plastic bottles.

    Jelt elastic belts are made from recycled plastic bottles, which would otherwise be left in oceans and landfills.

    Icon of the inside of a Jelt elastic belt, representing the quality of the belts made from durable, comfortable stretchy elastic

    Our belts are made from durable, comfortable stretchy elastic, which forms to your body and keeps your pants in place.

    Icon of a Jelt low profile buckle, an ingenious design.

    The flat buckle design won’t show a bulge under fitted shirts. Being hypoallergenic and metal-free, it can be worn through security checkpoints.


    Jelt is committed to giving back. We donate a portion of every sale to organizations supporting veterans, youth and the environment.