Jelt belts are made from 100% plastic bottles. This image shows water bottles as waste being turned into a belt - to your waist.

made in montana, usa

Jelt is dedicated to making a difference by enhancing
lives with responsible and sustainable fashion.


Wendy, mother of four and Jelt team sewer, working in her rural Montana studio. Pictured sewing a Jelt belt.
Expanding production to rural Montana communities.
Photo: Wendy, mother of four and our team sewer, working in her rural Montana studio.

Functional and socially impactful, Jelt elastic belts are made from recycled plastic bottles and are manufactured in a way that empowers women.

In 2016, Jelt moved manufacturing of belts from China to Montana, which are now manufactured at the Women’s Prison in Billings, Montana, via the Montana Correctional Enterprise Program. This privileged program breaks the cycle of incarceration by interviewing, training and paying the women, giving them the skills and confidence needed to live a more productive life when released.

In 2018, Jelt expanded production to women living in rural Montana, as a way to support women residing in underserved markets.

"This program has been a huge gift..."

"The Montana Correctional Enterprise Program has given me a purpose...I have a purpose! I also have more self-confidence and more self-esteem than when I first got here. When released, I hope to find a good job with my new skills. This is definitely a wonderful opportunity." - Beth A., MCE Program Participant

“Since being employed through the Montana Correctional Enterprise program, I have come to believe that I can achieve so much more than I once thought. I have gained the confidence, responsibility and a work ethic I know I will carry with me the rest of my life and ensure a stable and productive future I can be proud of.” - Emily J., MCE Program Participant

Empowering incarcerated women, by giving them the confidence and skills to build a better life when released.
Photo: Beth A., a participant of the MCE program and lead on Jelt production.