Get Your Ski Gear...and Your Jelts ready!

Get Your Ski Gear...and Your Jelts ready! - Jelt Belt
Looking at all the snow on the Bridger Mountains today makes our team of of avid skiers and snowboarders excited for ski season! That first snowfall is always an exciting time here in Bozeman. It not only signifies a change of season, but it also means our winter playground is ready for us to tear it up.
First thing we need to do is get our ski gear ready. Dig out our favorite ski jacket and pants, then pick out a Jelt belt to pull the look together. Dakota likes the Digital Camo Elastic Belt paired with his grey snowboard pants and red jacket. Jessie loves the Jelt Black Granite Elastic Belt on her white ski pants. Which one will you choose?
Snowboarder wearing Jelt belts. The woman wearing a Black Granite Jelt belt with white snowpants and the guy wearing Digital Camo elastic stretch belt with grey snowboard pants

Jelt belts are designed to work with ski pants and that’s exactly what they do. The elastic stretch belt keeps your pants on. Our seasoned Jelters usually start with one for their jeans and then soon discover it can be worn with all their pants and for all activities like skiing, golfing, hiking and biking.

Because Jelt are made from waterproof sustainable elastic from recycled plastic bottles, they are the ideal belts for ski trousers and in subzero temperatures and wet snow. The belt's grippy inner gel helps it form to your body and move with you, no matter what the conditions have in store. The elastic is extra strong and won’t get stiff, like a leather belt does in extreme weather. The flat buckle is also super comfortable while sitting on chair lifts and traversing across Big Sky's Lone Peak. No uncomfortable buckle digging in when you find the perfect pow.

Woman wearing JeltX Adjustable elastic stretch belt in black with ski bibs. Holding skis and ski poles.

Our ski and snowboarder Jelt fans also love the fact that they won’t get snow down their pants, because the grippy gel keeps your ski pants in place. Team skier, Amanda, finishes her look with the black JeltX Adjustable elastic belt on her ski bibs.

Being an outdoor brand, based in Bozeman, Montana, we are proud to make a product for our most beloved of outdoor activities. We can’t wait to put our Jelt belts in action this winter. Only a few more weeks until lifts are running.

Jelt belts are sold at Girls Outdoors and Chalet Sports, in downtown Bozeman - two of Bozeman’s favorite snow gear stores. Grab a Jelt locally, shop our website or Amazon store.