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Get Your Ski Gear...and Your Jelts ready!

Posted by Jen Perry on
Looking at the Bridgers today is making team Jelt excited for ski season! That first snowfall is always an exciting time here in Bozeman, as it not only signifies the changing of the seasons, but it also means that our winter playground is about to be open for us to tear it up!
 Team Jelt is full of avid skiers and we are already picking out which Jelts to match with our ski pants this year. Jessie loves the new camo Jelt to stand out against her purple pants! Which one will you choose?

Jelt Belt Studio Ski Gear

Jelt Belt Studio Ski Gear

 The Jelt was designed to work, and that’s exactly what it does. It keeps your pants on, but seasoned Jelters soon discovered that it does so much more. A discovered feature of the Jelt is that it is the perfect belt for ski pants! Due to it’s materials, a Jelt belt is ideal for subzero temperatures and wet snow. It will form to your body no matter what the conditions have in store. The elastic is extra strong and won’t get stiff like a normal leather belt with extreme weather. The flat buckle is also super comfortable while sitting on chair lifts and traversing across Lone Peak. No uncomfortable buckle digging in when you’re finding the perfect pow! Skiing/Snowboarding Jelters also love the fact that they won’t get snow down their pants bc the grippy gel keeps your ski pants in place, even if you happen to yard sale it (but we know you would never do that).

 Montana has always been in our hearts and being a company out of Bozeman we are proud to offer a product that can be shared in our most beloved of outdoor activities. We can’t wait to put our Jelts in action this Winter! Only a few more weeks until lifts are running! We are proud to now be sold at Chalet Sports, Bozeman’s favorite snow gear store. Grab a Jelt locally or shop our website or amazon store!

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