The Jelt outdoor collection of technical, crossover belts are made for every adventure. Made with premium elastic webbing made from recycled plastic bottles. Durable lightweight gear for ultimate performance and extreme comfort. Grippy gelt means belt stays in place in all conditions. The flat, low-profile design won't dig in or weigh you down. Ideal for hiking, biking, skiing, golfing, travel and everyday.

Head out for an exciting adventure with this outdoor apparel and gear from Jelt. Our collection includes our signature outdoor belts along with high-quality apparel and accessories you’ll want to bring along on every excursion. Each product is designed to be durable, versatile and stylish all at the same time, allowing you to have an even better experience every time you venture outside. Learn more about our elastic belts and apparel to find the best fit for your favorite outdoor activities.

Woman fishing and wearing  a JeltX adjustable belt.

Elastic Belts for Active Lifestyles

Jelt belts can hold up to any challenge thanks to their durable design. These premium elastic webbed belts are made from recycled plastic bottles, which makes them not only eco-friendly but also incredibly tough. The strong, waterproof elastic moves with you without losing its snugness, making it comfortable to wear for any activity. And because these belts are so lightweight, you’ll barely feel yours as you wear it for hiking, skiing, fishing, golfing and other outdoor or athletic pursuits. Use one of our Venture belts as a tactical belt by attaching small accessories, or choose a metal-free design as your go-to travel belt for breezing through airport security. Wherever your adventures take you, your Jelt belt provides the durability and comfort you need.

Stays in Place No Matter What

Have you had issues with belts that constantly need to be adjusted or that don’t hold pants up properly? Jelt belts are designed to eliminate these issues with the super-strong, stretchy elastic material combined with a grippy gel along the inside of the belt. This gel is so effective that it keeps pants up with or without belt loops. If you want a belt that will stay in place no matter what type of active endeavor you undertake, be sure to choose one of these outdoorsy options from Jelt.

Man wearing Jelt Venture elastic stretch belt while climbing