Belts Sized for Kids

Little girl going down slide, wearing Jelt Junior in  Cool Blue

Give your kid an accessory that can keep up with their active lifestyle when you choose one of these belts for juniors. Jelt belts are designed with movement in mind, which is why they make such great belts for kids. They’re also easy for youngsters to fasten on their own and come in sizes suited for boys, girls and tweens. Learn more about our selection of Jelt belts for children to see why this accessory is a must-have for keeping kids’ pants in place.

The Belt that Stays in Place

It can be tough to find the right belt for kids. Too-tight belts feel restrictive and uncomfortable, while looser belts fall down and don’t serve their purpose of keeping pants up. Jelt children’s belts offer a simple solution with an elastic material that offers a perfectly snug fit. The stretchy material allows for more comfortable movement while also ensuring that the belt stays securely in place. In addition, there’s a grippy inner gel that helps to hold pants up with or without belt loops. That allows the belt to be worn with even more outfits while giving kids the chance to run, play and tumble without worrying about pants staying up. We consider that a win-win for kids and parents alike.

Designed for Active Kids

Jelt belts for kids are made to hold up to all kinds of kid-friendly activities. From school to playgrounds to sports and beyond, a Jelt belt is a durable, waterproof accessory that performs through it all. The buckles have an interlocking design that’s easy for kids to securely fasten, and metal-free and nickel-free materials are great for those with certain allergies. Choose from two kids’ sizes to get the right fit: Jelt Junior for ages 5 to 9ish or Jelt Youth for ages 9 and up (see our size chart for measurement details). Pick out a Jelt belt to get an accessory that can keep up with a curious, adventurous and playful kiddo.