Six Items We Won't Travel Without

Six Items We Won't Travel Without - Jelt Belt

Everyone who loves to travel knows that touching down in a new city or country is one of the best feelings. But sometimes traveling is just a pain, like working your way through airport security. Did you know Jelt belts are designed to be your no-hassle belt for travel? Jelts are light, low-profile and metal-free, making them your go-to travel belt for TSA checkpoints and metal detectors. Not sure what to wear for airport security? Throw on a Jelt belt with your favorite pair of jeans and you are good to go! To make your life even easier, we have compiled a list of our favorite must-have travel items. So grab your passport, these essential products and get ready for your next adventure. Happy travels! 

1. 8HZ BACKPACKS - Like Jelt, this new ethical brand is dedicated to making products sustainable fabric from recycled plastic bottles. Their core mission is to make beautiful products from waste, not virgin plastic derived from petroleum, which is the easy way to manufacture products but is also extremely detrimental to the environment. Making products here in the U.S. is also an important factor for the 8HZ owner and their team. 

2. TOMS SLIP-ON SHOES - Without a doubt, walking is one of the best ways to see a new city. On foot, you can spot the details that bring a destination to life. Because of this, packing the perfect travel shoe is key. We love these TOMS slip-ons for their durability as well as their comfort. They are the perfect slip-ons to breeze through security and can also hold up to long walks. They are lightweight and we love the design as well. We also stand behind TOMS and their 1 for 1 mission. Just like Jelt, a portion of every shoe sold goes to charitable causes.

3. VIM&VIGR COMPRESSION SOCKS - We are a big fan of this women-owned, Montana sock company. These stylish, high quality compression socks are a must for traveling. Pick up a pair, or two, in a variety of colors and and styles. 

4. PRANA LIGHTWEIGHT TRAVEL PANTS - These pants are the perfect lightweight, packable travel pants. Also checkout the  travel pants for men. Just like Jelt, these pants are super stretchy (yet durable) and are water repellent. It's always great to have quick drying pants on any trip and Prana has some of the best and most comfortable styles out there! With a Prana pant/Jelt combo, you will be good-to-go!

5. JELT BELTS - Jelt elastic stretch belts are designed for men, women and kids. They are lightweight and comfortable - perfect for long flights and traverses. We also love the fact that the belt moved with you and the buckle won't dig into your skin while sitting or being active. The non-metal buckle can be worn right through airport security. Wear your Jelt straight from the plane, to the ski hill and then to the bar. Save room in your suitcase, it's the only belt you need.

6. BOSE NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES - These comfortable headphones feature superior Bluetooth technology with crisp quality sound. The battery lasts for up to 20 hours (perfect for international trips) and faster recharge time. They have great sound quality and an impressive bass performance.