A Message from Jelt Founder, Jen Perry

A Message from Jelt Founder, Jen Perry - Jelt Belt

What a difference a week makes! Wednesday of last week, I was packing and prepping for my family’s Spring Break to Belize. By Thursday evening, the world had changed, traveling abroad was discouraged, bans on European travel were implemented, and our family canceled our trip that was scheduled to leave the next day. Talk about a shocker…

Today, I am sitting at home on my laptop, remotely running a skeleton crew of a handful of employees, who are also working from home until further notice. We all miss the new office space that we call “Jelt Headquarters” and the unencumbered mountain views it provides us. However, we know that social distancing is the only way to flatten the curve of the pandemic spread of Covid-19, so we will be good citizens, protecting our families and our community. It’s the least we can do.

It was just announced yesterday, that our town of Bozeman, Montana, will have a mandatory Shelter in Place beginning at 12:01 am on Saturday, March 28th, following the path of major cities and towns across the United States. Now that so many of us are doing our best to socially distance, I encourage us to try even harder to support each other in the ways that we can.

Buy from small businesses. Shop their websites. Order their take-out foods, and pop into locally-owned grocery stores to buy your necessities, if they are still open. It’s the small businesses that suffer the most in times like this. 

At Jelt, we will be doing our best to support our community and remembering to get outside for some fresh air. We still need to walk our dogs, get our kids to take an hour off of screen-time to walk around the block and all take some deep breaths. We hope that you have the ability to get outside, too, because it’s good for the soul.

Please know that we care about you, our Jelt family. We will continue to work hard to provide our customers with the most comfortable, sustainable lifestyle belt on the market today. We will ride out this pandemic together and come out with a new perspective on life. It truly is a small world and we are all experiencing it together.

Wishing you good health now and in the months to come,

Jen Perry

Jelt Founder/President