Best 6 Vegan Belts in 2022 — The Ultimate List

Best 6 Vegan Belts in 2022 — The Ultimate List - Jelt Belt

Being vegan and cruelty-free is a decision that one doesn't make lightly. While most people only think about the food, it also impacts the way you dress. Faux leather is one way to go with vegan belts, however, stretchable material is also quite fashionable.

If you're worried about how it would affect your look, you need not overthink it too much. Vegan clothing can look smart and well put together. So, to make things easier for you, this list goes over some of the best vegan belts for you to choose from.

What are Vegan Belts?

Vegan belts are belts from a process that ensures it harms no animals in their making. Vegan clothing is plant-based or made with plastics and metals that avoid the use of animal-based clothing materials like wool or leather.

Unlike traditional belts, vegan belts are usually ethically sourced and as a result, are usually a little bit more expensive. While this may seem inconvenient for some, in the long run, it ensures fewer animals are harmed and it is the more considerate option.

7 Best Vegan Belts for Cruelty-Free Outfits

1. Black Granite Jelt Belt

Black Granite Jelt Belt

This black granite Jelt belt made from recycled water bottles goes with almost all outfits. With a low profile, it is perfect to use with blue jeans or anything casual and sporty. You’ll find this is a versatile accessory for your wardrobe. 

The metal-free, this no-show flat buckle is perfect for anyone that feels self-conscious about how their belt looks under their t-shirts. It’s also worth mentioning that the material itself is hypoallergenic, making it low risk for anyone to use. So for anyone looking for something low-key but classy, this low-profile accessory is one of the best vegan belts to choose from.

2. USA Stripe Elastic Belt

USA Stripe Elastic Belt

Nothing says all-American like red, white, and blue. This bold accessory is fun and looks great in denim. With a look that feels surprisingly retro, this vegan belt is a great option for barbecues, hiking, or any adventurous outing that comes your way.

With a non-slip, grippy inner gel, this belt stays secure and fastens things in place without the need for any belt loops. With a width of only 1.125 inches, this belt looks sleek with its flat no-show belt buckle only adding to this.

Being vegan is hard with all the negative stereotypes, however, this belt packs color and can be appreciated by all walks of life. So for those looking for anything that shows a little patriotism, this USA strip accessory is one of the best vegan belts to wear.

3. BRI Women’s Vegan Belt - Purity

BRI Women’s Vegan Belt

Finding good faux leather is hard and some options can look tacky! However, this BRI Women’s vegan belt is a great option for anyone looking to add sophistication to their otherwise outfit.

You can never go wrong with basics, and this vegan belt proves just that. With a gold belt buckle and brown faux leather material, this belt has a retro 80s look. That said, it goes with a good number of outfits and looks.



You can never go wrong with black and this jelt belt proves just that. The black jelt x Adjustable belt is a great option for casual, athletic, and business casual outfits. 

For many people who don’t trust a one size fits all approach, this jelt belt is adjustable, making it convenient for prolonged use. Wearing belts can seem daunting especially when you know it’s not the right fit and this solves just that!

With a waterproof design for hardcore adventure, this jelt belt is perfect for trekking, camping, or a fishing trip outdoors. With a magnetic, no-show belt buckle, this option is one of the best vegan belts for the adventurous.



Being vegan is hard for the working class because they can’t always wear plastic-based belts. So for anyone looking for something more classy or put together, this 35mm corks belt goes well with formal and semi-formal clothing.

This eco-friendly, plant-based accessory looks good on both denim and cotton making it a versatile option to have in your wardrobe. It’s available in four different sizes, and with a two-year warranty, this vegan belt could help you complete your look.



Being vegan and looking cute is easy and this belt just proves that. Being cruelty-free is a kind and considerate decision and this soft belt helps put that point across. This is perfect for anyone looking to achieve that hippy aesthetic, as this daisy-covered belt is a fun and adorable accessory to tie your outfit together.

This belt captures the aesthetic of the 80s, so you’ll definitely feel the flower power that ran rampant at the time. This super-strong and stretchy elastic waist belt is 100% vegan, lightweight, and has a no-show belt buckle. If you’re looking for the best vegan belts for a hippy aesthetic, you needn't look any further.


Vegan belts are a great way to contribute to the betterment of animals because leather contributes significantly to the death and mistreatment of livestock. So for some, it may seem tacky, but for those more sensitive and aware of how their actions impact animals, making the move to vegan is good.

This article focused on the best vegan belts that are aesthetically appealing. While there are several unique looks and colors that one may feel more inclined to wear, the options in this article are suitable for the general population.


1. What are vegan belts?

Vegan belts are belts that ensure no animals come to harm in their production and sourcing. While to some this is not a priority, millions of animals are harmed every year in the production of animal-based products, and vegan belts aim to avoid any harm to animals altogether.

2. Are vegan belts expensive?

Vegan belts need to cost more than your normal, typical belt options, but their overall price depends on which one you choose.

3. What is faux leather?

Faux leather is a material that resembles leather but comes from resin. For vegans and society at large, faux leather is a great cruelly-free option for your wardrobe.