College Gameday Comes to Bozeman for the Brawl of the Wild Football Game

College Gameday Comes to Bozeman for the Brawl of the Wild Football Game - Jelt Belt

The college football rivalry of the Montana State University Bobcats and the University of Montana Grizzlies football teams dates back to 1858. It was coined Brawl of the Wild decades ago and stuck ever since. Bozeman, home to Montana State University, is known these days as “Boze-Angeles” because of the influx of Californians that have moved into the state causing an increase in traffic, as well as sushi bars. Missoula is where the University of Montana is located and is thought of as a Liberal Arts college in a hippie town with a river running through it. They are both amazing universities with exceptional programs and the football teams are the strongholds of the FCS league.


The fact that ESPN’s College Gameday is coming to Bozeman to broadcast the Brawl of the Wild is cause for the entire state of Montana to celebrate. Social media posts begging College Gameday to come to Montana have been circulating for years and every year, until now, the Big Sky State has been turned down. When finally, it was announced on Monday, November 14th, just five days before the cross-state rivalry game will be played on Saturday, November 19, 2020, practically the entire population of the state, which is only slightly above one million, has been ecsatatic.


The set of College Gameday was erected on the Dyche Field on the Montana State University campus, directly across from the football field. The crew situated the set to have the glorious, snow-covered Bridger Mountains in the backdrop to show the world the stunning beauty of the Rocky Mountains in winter. The cast and crew of College Gameday will be a bit shocked at the frigid weather, which is predicted to be about 9 degrees Fahrenheit.


Those who won’t be shocked by the weather are the die-hard Bobcat and Griz fans who will descend on Bozeman in droves, wearing either Bobcat Blue and Gold, or Grizzly Maroon and Grey. Most fans will wear beanies, sweatshirts, jackets, gloves and possibly coveralls, all emblazoned with their school colors. Many stylish fans will also be sporting officially collegiate licensed Jelt belts, that are offered in two Bobcat Styles and two Griz styles. These belts can be worn gameday and every day, since they are ideal on hiking pants, golf shorts, biking shorts, ski pants and travel clothes. Fans can easily show their team pride all year long with the collegiate line of Jelt belts.


As the retailer of both of these university rivalry belts, I am not allowed to have a favorite. I am just rooting for a great game with good camaraderie and high scoring action!

Go Cats and Go Griz!!!