In our new series, "Faces of Jelt: People That Inspire Us" we highlight rad Jelters who not only inspire us but make us love what we do. Seeing people rep their Jelts while doing amazing things is what it's all about. Just like we have a story, so does everyone else.

Meet Kirsten Kainz, a local Bozeman artist who is not afraid to use a blow torch. She inspires us to continue to make a product that stands up to a day in her studio and to always support the arts.


Kirsten Kainz

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. 
I am an artist and mother of four girls (ages 10-5 ), living in the wilds of Montana.
In addition to helping out from time to time at our family Brewery, Map Brewery, I am a full-time artist. I paint and I sculpt with found iron.
2.  What do you do? 
When I paint my goal is to capture the grand aspects of our landscape. I often paint horses into the landscapes because for me they act as metaphoric people which anchor us into the scene.
When I sculpt, sometimes I make functional pieces, but I primarily create unique animals. These are often large in scale, but sometimes intimate. My aim is to bring out the unique and captivating qualities of the animals that we are fortunate enough to share this world with.
3. Why do you do it? 
I create art because I must. I am rewarded when my work elevates people and in turn opens up a space in their thoughts which lead to an appreciation for things extremely valuable and beautiful in this world.
4. How do you wear your jelt? 
I wear my Jelt just about everywhere. I feel that my Jelt has me covered in effortless style and comfort whether I am flying to Paris to study art in the museums or working in my shop, chopping away at some tough iron with my plasma cutter.
 5. Where do we send our followers to find you and your art? 
You can find my work at
My ETSY store is called, montanapaint, or
You can see several sculptures on the streets of Bozeman. Paintings currently on display at Map Brewing and Ecce Gallery in Bozeman, MT
Sculptures at Architects Wife in Bozeman.