Are You Our Next Jelt Influencer?

Are You Our Next Jelt Influencer? - Jelt Belt
Jelt started with the mission to spread awareness for social change and good in our community. We wanted to create a comfortable belt that not only works, but inspires everyone to get outside while supporting programs that work for positive change. Our goal is to use Jelt as a platform to give back and to highlight global and local causes. We are never too serious, and always up for a good time. We stand behind what we believe and are not afraid to take that extra step to ensure transparency in their business practices.
Does this resonate with you? Great, keep reading!
Do you love hiking the trail in your Jelt? Is your Jelt always through your belt loops on the slopes, during your travels, or your daily commute to work? Do you want to help create positive change in your community? Does this still sound like you? 
In an effort to share our mission and our brand, we are looking for social media influencers to share your love for the outdoors, travel, an important cause, and your Jelt belt of course!
Our customers are the best part of running a business and are truly what keeps us going. Without you, we would not exist and it makes our day seeing our followers out there, living their best lives and doing what they love.
Are you our perfect influencer?
1. Do you stand with Jelt and believe in what we are doing, the products we make and our mission to be a better belt?
2. Do you proudly show off that you're #jelting and gladly accept high fives from other Jelters on the street, at the bar, or on the ski hill?
3. Are you are an advocate for our brand and tell all your friends about your Jelt and how much you love its unique, sustainable features?
4. Do you have a passion for travel and enjoy the outdoors? Do you share these special moments from your adventures on your social media channels?
5. Do you appreciate the steps Jelt has taken to become a Certified B Corp company (the 7th in Montana) and can be an advocate for what we have achieved since our inception in 2014?
Representing our brand is more than just sharing a post on social media. We want you to share our mission with your network and engage our followers with our products. That's what being an influencer is all about. We want this to be a fun and natural experience for you as well.  We can't wait to see where your Jelt takes you. 
Does this sound like something perfect for you? Click HERE and apply. 
All influencers will be accepted based on the following criteria: 
  • Experience working with brands
  • Social media following and the quality of your engagement
  • Cash compensation based on experience. 
Woman holding her hands in the air, while wearing a Jelt belt
Woman wearing a Jelt belt with snowboard gear