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Jelt Apparel is Here!

October 26, 2016

Jelt Apparel is Here!

The Jelt brand is evolving! We are proud to introduce our first line of branded Jelt apparel and hats. Now you can let your Jelt do its job of keeping your pants on and show your Jelt love in a new way!
The graphics are fierce and speak to our fun-loving mentality. All designed by local, Bozeman artist, Hukel, you can rock a mohawk, gondola, tiger or mountain print on anything from a stylish boxy tee to a comfy sweatshirt.  
Our one-of-a-kind trucker hats feature the iconic Bridger Mountains on a hand-printed woodblock patches. Like a snowflake, no two are alike and they also made from recycled elements. 
We hope you like what we came up with as much as we do! Check out of new apparel on our new website
Jelt Mountain Trucker Hat and Gondola Boxy











Jelt Gondola Baseball Shirt


Jelt Dark Green Mountain Trucker Hat