It's Time for Gaper Day!

It's Time for Gaper Day! - Jelt Belt

April Fools’ Day in Bozeman means many locals are bent on being silly and costumed, while the skiing fools head over to Bridger Bowl for the annual Gaper Day on the mountain.

Although not an official Bridger Bowl-sanctioned event, Gaper Day is nevertheless a decades-old celebration across mountains in America — a rite of spring to mark April Fools’ Day and the ski season’s last gasps. 

Inevitably, there comes the time comes when Bridger's lifts stop running and we start thinking about hiking, biking, fishing, and other Montana spring activities to come (don't worry, your Jelt works for all of these too). Gaper day marks the end, and a celebration is a must. 

Here at Jelt, we never pass up an opportunity to be a part of our community, while in costumes. This day is made to enjoy the camaraderie of Bozeman with bit of debauchery on the mountain.

Local skiers and snowboarders make the most of this chance to poke fun at tourists, aka gapers, by wearing all types of retro and ridiculous ski garb.

Jacksonites never pass up an opportunity to wear costumes, and Gaper Day is their Super Bowl. It’s Halloween on snow, with the tricks coming in the form of extreme skiing and the treats being the seemingly endless strips of bacon served slopeside. The bottom line: it’s a day to enjoy camaraderie and a bit of debauchery on the mountain.

So grab your gaper gear and head to mountain! Get decked out your best retro ski suit and complete your look with a Jelt belt.