Keeping it Local with Good Karmal!

Keeping it Local with Good Karmal! - Jelt Belt
Our team at Jelt is so excited about the new year and everything it will bring. Last year we released 5 new colors and added 2 new employees to our staff to compensate for our rapidly growing business. Along the way, one of our favorite businesses that has helped us bring smiles to our Jelters is Good Karmal.
Good Karmal is a local Bozeman, Montana business that makes the BEST all-natural caramels around. Not only do the wrappers have delicious caramels wrapped inside, they also have words of wisdom to make you feel even better about indulging a little.
 “From our very first batch, we believed that it was not enough to create delicious, buttery caramels to delight the senses — we wanted to spark imaginations and inspire our customers and ourselves to, as Mahatma Gandhi said, “be the change we wish to see in the world.” So we wrapped each handcrafted caramel with words of wisdom, and sent them out into the world.”
We love to support other local businesses and Good Karmal is one of our favorites and a pleasure to work with.
Jelt branded caramels by Good Karamel in Bozeman

We worked with founder, Patty Triplett West to create some custom Jelt caramels for our kickstarter party this summer and now we always turn to Good Karmal for events and Jelt functions. They even put custom, personalized Jelt quotes inside the wrapper! A little caramel goes a long way! Check out our recent order of specialized Jelt caramels from Good Karmal! 

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