What Is The Best Mother’s Day Gift?

What Is The Best Mother’s Day Gift? - Jelt Belt

If you’re like me, you’re a procrastinator when it comes to buying gifts for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. What makes it worse, I am a believer that we are over consumers in our country and my family members certainly do not need more “stuff." I mean, I don’t want them to end up on an episode of Hoarders or something. Haha!

But, let’s be honest, people like receiving gifts, and I LOVE the act of giving a gift—especially when I nail it. The people in “my circle” do not know I bought their gift last minute, because I get them something thoughtful that they need and will use. I honestly think about the gift for weeks, I just don’t actually buy it until the last minute, which is always a bit stressful.

Of all of the Hallmark holidays, Mother’s Day might be the most difficult gift-giving holiday ever for me because my mom already has virtually EVERYTHING and I’m officially too old to weave her a homemade pot-holder or string her a macaroni necklace. Therefore, the following is a list of gifts for Mother’s Day that every mom of every age, size and demographic will enjoy:

  • Jelt Khaki Tan Elastic Belt is a top favorite belt for women. It finishes off a pair of white, black or denim colored jeans perfectly. 
  • Leather Bag or pretty much anything from Heyday
  • Eye Mask/Face Cream from Salchicha
  • Take her to brunch. Where we live in Bozeman, the best place for brunch is The Farmer’s Daughters Cafe.
  • Looking for some bonus points from mom? Wash and detail her car! This is something you should do in addition to the gift and she will be forever grateful.

Be the hero this Mother’s Day. Buy her something useful AND wash her car. Sometimes the best gift is an unexpected act of  kindness that involves some elbow grease.