Best Places to Visit While in Bozeman

Best Places to Visit While in Bozeman - Jelt Belt

Best Places to go When Visiting Bozeman to Escape the Crowds 
(Insider Information)

Just to be clear, there is practically no escaping tourists in the summer in Montana, especially Bozeman. Due to our mild summer temps, cool summer evenings and blue skies all around us, our local roads are packed with license plates from every state in the Union—yes, even Hawaii.

We have been “discovered” and now that Justin Timberlake, Tom Brady and John Mayer all live in and around us, the people have arrived. We used to be a sleepy little cowboy town and now we have the unfortunate nickname of Boze-angeles.

However, it’s still fabulous here and none of the Jelt team can imagine living anywhere else. We have a business here that creates a belt that we wear on all of our outdoor Montana adventures—hiking, biking, camping, skiing, golfing and day-drinking. Then, we get to be heroes and donate a portion of all of our sales to community organizations that help veterans, families and environmental causes—making all of our hard work worth it. Would we rather be hiking to a campsite right now? Yes, but we still need to make money.

The following is an insider’s guide to our favorite places to go in Bozeman. This list is epic. Use it, but don’t share it with anyone.

Best HikeTruman Gulch (This might technically be Belgrade, but it overlooks Bozeman.)

Best Mountain BikingLeverich Canyon’s The Wall of Death (It’s called this for a reason.)

Best CampingHyalite Reservoir (You have to go during the week—NO WEEKENDS.)

Best Fishing Without a BoatBear Trap Canyon, The Madison River (Watch out for poison ivy.)

Best Fishing With a BoatThe Bird Float, The Yellowstone River (Call ahead for a shuttle.)

Best RestaurantFeast (You can even make a reservation, so you know you won’t have to wait)

Best Shopping—Jelt Headquarters (You can get a medley of Montana-made Jelt Collection including belts, hats, t-shirts, tanks and beanies. We make a point to have the word “Montana” on all of the apparel so that you can show all of your friends and family back home that you visited The Last Best Place.

Enjoy and Godspeed.

-Anonymous (I don’t want the locals to kill me.)