A Hypoallergenic Belt for People with Metal Allergies

A Hypoallergenic Belt for People with Metal Allergies - Jelt Belt

Photo courtesy of ecarf.org

According to the Association of American Dermatology, nickel is one of the most common allergens in the world. In fact, “it is estimated that more than 18% of people in North America are allergic to nickel, including 11 million children.”

Even stranger, according to heathline.com, nickel allergies are increasing in the United States, developing at any age and being more common among females than males, with their statistics stating that in the United States, “about 36% of women under the age of 18 have a nickel allergy” and often becomes evident when you get your ears pierced. It can cause headaches, but is most associated with an itchy rash, bumps on the skin, redness or changes in skin color that resemble a burn, and in some severe cases, blisters. Once you have developed a nickel allergy, there is no cure, only topical treatments to alleviate symptoms.

So, what can a person with a nickel allergy do? Here’s the number one thing a person can do to avoid exposure to nickel to make your life easier and itch-free: Check your clothing.

Nickel is common in buttons, zippers, bra hooks, snaps and BELT BUCKLES. The American Association of Dermatology recommends replacing these items with nickel-free plastic or plastic-coated clothing items. But, wearing plastic clothing items can be bad for the environment, which is why Jelt belts are the perfect hypo-allergenic belt. Not only do we offer belts that metal-free and nickel free, all of our belts are made from recycled plastic bottles, keeping them out of oceans and landfills. 

From this waist to your waste. Jelt belts are made from recycled plastic bottles. The image shows plastic bottles littered on a beach and a couple wearing Jelt belts.

Unfortunately, nickel is virtually everywhere. It can be found in jeans buttons, door handles, dental braces, cell phones, prosthetics, musical instruments, flatware, jewelry, wristwatches, eyewear, cooking pots, espresso machines and tattoo ink, just to name a few. For someone with terrible nickel allergies, completely avoiding nickel would be extremely difficult. Changing your belt from a traditional leather belt with a nickel buckle, to wearing a hypo-allergenic, metal-free, nickel-free Jelt belt instead might just be the easiest choice a person with nickel allergies can do.

To top it off, the metal-free aspect of our awesome belts makes them the ideal accessory for travel. Being metal-free makes the belts TSA friendly. Breeze through airport security and other metal detectors with your shirt untucked. This is by far the coolest belt for men, women, kids and, of course, anyone with a nickel allergy.

Anatomy of a Jelt belt featuring the True Camo belt. Jelt belts are made from recycled plastic bottles and are metal and nickel free.