Jelt is A BETTER BELT for a BETTER PLANET - Jelt Belt

For Earth Day 2022, we want to explain in detail how a badass elastic belt company out of Bozeman, Montana, is doing our part to make the world a little greener by making A BETTER BELT FOR A BETTER PLANET.  

Sourcing Responsibly:

Jelt is dedicated to sourcing from responsible companies. In 2016, we moved manufacturing from China to Montana. In doing so, we can control our product quality and manage the manufacturing process, all while providing good paying jobs to our local workforce. We source our raw elastic from a company overseas, with access to high-quality sustainable yarn, made from recycled plastic bottles. The sustainable yarn is woven into durable, strong elastic and finished with our signature grippy gel. Our buckles are sourced from companies that are both Bluesign Approved and certified with Global Recycled Standards.

These raw materials are then shipped to Montana where they are received, inspected, measured, cut, assembled, sewn, and packaged by local employees, who are provided a comfortable workspace, flexible schedules, and competitive wages.

Made LOCALLY in Montana:

Throughout the years, we have provided jobs to women living in rural communities around Montana. It is surprising how many rural women are skilled in industrial sewing and have the equipment required to assemble Jelt belts. How do we do it? Our production team creates kits and then ships them to the rural sewers, who then sew, assemble, and package in their clean workspace, meeting our quality standards. By working with these talented contractors, we have provided good paying jobs to an unserved market that does not have access to this type of opportunity. With a healthy mix of contract sewers and our local, in-house sewers we are dedicated to uplifting our workforce and provide good paying jobs to help uplift our state’s communities.


In 2014, after over a year of product design, testing and development, Owner and Founder, Jen Perry, discovered that elastic made from recycled polyester has a superior quality, is more durable and has a stronger stretch than virgin elastic. This created a foundation for a purpose driven business, providing a sustainable product that everyone needs with a mission to give back. 

It’s rewarding to know that every time you recycle a plastic bottle, it can be made into a functional product. Jelt belts start from a recycled plastic bottle, which is processed into flakes, then melted down into pellets. The pellets are used to make a strong polyester yarn, which is then woven together with a stretchy rubber and turned into elastic. We then finish off each belt with a grippy inner gel which gives the elastic that much more strength. The grippy gel design was created, because we understood a demand for a belt that won’t move, but rather grip to your pants and move with you and create comfort during all activities, even while sitting for long hours. 

Giving Back to Our People and Our Planet:

Jelt was founded as a cause-driven business with the purpose of creating a functional, sustainable product and then use the proceeds to give back to our community, our people and the planet. In 2018, Jelt became a certified B Corporation, a distinguished certification for purpose driven businesses, which holds them accountable for how they do business and assures they make a positive impact to their communities, for a more sustainable economy. B Corp requirements perfectly align with our mission to produce responsible and functional products that help to better our community and our planet. With our belts being made from recycled plastic bottles and packaging made from recycled cardboard, we reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Jelt donates a portion of every sale to non-profit organizations for veterans, youth and the environment. As a 1% for The Planet Partner, we are required to donate at least 1% of our net sales to organizations supporting wildlife, water, pollution, climate change, land conservation and healthy ecosystems. These organizations include Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Gallatin Valley Land Trust, Madison River Foundation, Mountain Outdoor Legacy Foundation and Big Sky Youth Empowerment.

Additionally, supporting our veterans is essential, which is why Jelt is a frequent contributor to Warriors and Quiet Waters, an organization dedicated to healing America’s post 9/11 combat wounded veterans and their families with the serenity of fly-fishing, in the pristine waters of Montana. It is so rewarding to support an organization like this that is working so hard for our veterans.

Jelt is also passionate about supporting organizations that empower our youth. We have been a long-time contributor to Thrive, an organization dedicated to providing youth and families mentoring, partnerships and programming that gives kids an opportunity to grow in school, at home and in life. We are also honored to give to Big Sky Youth Empowerment. This organization provides opportunities for vulnerable teenagers in the Gallatin Valley to experience success and become contributing members of our community through group mentorship and experiential adventures, like skiing, snowboarding, fly fishing, whitewater rafting, paddle boarding, rock climbing and gardening. 

So, just remember that when you wear your Jelt, you are doing your part to make the world a better place. Because, #Jelting is more than wearing a stylish, comfortable, grippy belt. It's about living life to the fullest, caring about the future of the planet, enriching the lives of our youth and giving back to those who protect our freedom.