Day Tripping in Big Sky. A Local's Guide.

Day Tripping in Big Sky. A Local's Guide. - Jelt Belt

After living in Big Sky, Montana for over 18 years, our family recently moved to Bozeman. The great news is we now get to live in Bozeman and an added bonus is that we get experience Big Sky as tourists.

If you're not downhill skiing in Big Sky, there are plenty of other things to do and sites to see. Here's an insider's list of recommended things to do while visiting Big Sky Resort:

Blue Moon Bakery

Breakfast at The Blue Moon Bakery

Everyone in Big Sky knows and loves the Johnsen Family and their beloved bakery has been a local favorite since 1992. Get there early for their cinnamon rolls or power up with a Benny that can last you through lunch. Until just recently, the biscuits and gravy were only available on their secret menu but by popular demand is now a breakfast staple. Take your kids a treat from their bakery case and they will love you forever.

Lone Mountain Ranch

Nordic Skiing at Lone Mountain Ranch

Get outside, breathe the fresh air, burn off breakfast and feel like the only skier for miles on the pristine trails the Lone Mountain Ranch offers. Meandering throughout the meadow and mid-elevations in Big Sky are 80 miles of trails ranging from beginner to advanced. Take your time, look around and marvel at the snow globe of beauty you've just fallen into.

Horn & Cantle
Lunch at the Horn & Cantle 

Stay on property at Lone Mountain Ranch for a yummy bite and mid-day cocktail at Horn and Cantle. Their saloon menu is perfect for refueling prior to heading back out on the trail. My favorite is their truffle fries but the menu has everything from casual warm pretzels to grass fed beef brisket tacos and everything in between. Depending on the weather, sitting on the deck by the outdoor fireplace, with a speciality drink, is a perfect end to the lunch experience. Try the Madison Range Margarita, the Huckleberry Fizz or anything from their well appointed wine and beer lists.

Grizzly Outfitters

Shopping at Grizzly Outfitters

Stop in and see the crew at Grizzly Outfitters in the Town Center for your new Jelt Belt, t-shirts, technical gear and more. As Jelt's Premier Big Sky Retailer, Grizzly not only prioritizes supporting local Montana vendors but also lends their technical expertise on everything in the great outdoors in Big Sky.

Town Center Avenue

The Big Sky Town Center

Big Sky's Town Center really is a picture-perfect ski town village with local shops, restaurants, bars, movie theater, concert pavilion and even an outdoor ice skating rink. In the summer evenings there is a great farmers' market. If you look due west from Town Center Avenue, the view of Lone Peak is unbelievable. The view frames up Lone Peak as if it was planned (it was definitely planned).

Go check it out!

Chef "Bibber" at Work
Apres and Dinner at Olive B's Bistro

One of my all time favorite places to eat and drink is this authentic Olive B's neighborhood bistro. Set just off the golf course in the Meadow Village, Olive B's is a cozy space with a handsome urban feel. The food is impeccable, the service is world class, but with the charm only a family-run restaurant in a ski town can be. Indulge in a big hearty glass of red wine from their well curated wine list and order anything off the menu. My recommendation is a side of the truffle mashed potatoes or the truffle lobster mashed potatoes.

The perfect end to a perfect day! 

The Miller Family

Jelt Team Member, Amber Miller, pictured with her family.