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Jelt Style: Chic Talk and Broncos Style

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We recently had a feature from popular Denver style blogger, Carolina Hellal on her blog Chic Talk, where she shares her favorite things about Jelt and her style tips for our 80s throwback belt. She is proof that you can show team pride while looking great in this Denver Broncos inspired post.


Hey Guys!!! Don’t you just love the colors you are seeing right now? Orange, and blue! The entire Denver city is painted in these two colors! How wouldn’t it be, right? I can’t wait for Sundays, to see the games, and eat a ton of yummy food! 
I’m usually not the type of person that would wear the Broncos jersey, but I do love wearing the colors that represent the team, and that’s why when I wanted to show you guys a different way to support our team in a stylish way! Usually, accessories are a great way to show that support and this belt via JELT is an excellent option to achieve that!
Jelt is a company that was launched in February of 2014 in Bozeman, Montana with the idea of selling belts made with 100% recycled yarn, and an inner gel that grips to the pants. The belts are not only super cute, but very comfortable, and easy to wear. They don’t have any metal, which is a win if you are wearing it to the airport because you won’t have to take it off during airport security! Or metal detectors as the football game! Win-Win! 
So many good things about them, right? But it doesn’t end there! For every belt that it’s sold, the company donates $1 to warriors and quiet waters foundation, an organization that helps reintegrate traumatically injured veterans ,and active service members from recent wars into society through fly-fishing, and high quality therapeutic recreational mediums. I just love that!
If you are a big fan of the Broncos, you need this special edition belt with the colors of the team!
I loved how it looks with skinny jeans, and a blazer, this outfit is just perfect to wear for work! You can dress it up with black or blue trousers, or dress them down with jeans just like I did in these photos!
Give them a try, they come in multiple colors, and let me know what you think about them!
JELT special edition belt inspired in the colors of the Broncos team!

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