Jelt Junior Feature with Truman

Jelt Junior Feature with Truman - Jelt Belt

Last week we launched Jelt Junior, our stretchy elastic belt for kids. Check out the following interview with Truman, our 6-year Jelt Junior model who is a local, Bozeman first grader. His answers will remind you how sweet and innocent we all were as kids. Hopefully, this will bring a smile to your face and possibly a tear of joy....something we all need these days.  

Jelt Junior Ambassador, Truman

Jelt: What is your name? 

Truman: Truman Devitt but I like to be called "Tru."

Jelt: How old are you?

Truman: Six, but I think my birthday is coming up soon, so I'm pretty close to seven.

Jelt: What do you like most about school? 

Truman: I am learning how to read and it's awesome. I like books about baby animals, fishing, and books that give facts about real stuff.

Jelt: How do you like to help at home?

Truman: I help mom mix cookie dough, she makes good chocolate chip cookies. I help with my baby sister too, she likes to knock down my block towers and be tickled. You have to watch her because she puts everything in her mouth. 

Jelt: What is your favorite sport?

Truman: Definitely soccer… We have a fun team this time with some good players and we win a lot. I also love BMX racing and riding my bike at the track – I usually go really fast.

Jelt: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Truman: I guess a fireman because I had my fourth birthday at the fire station and those guys are cool. I like the mask and suits they wear plus they fight fires and help out people... and they get to drive fast, but now I like being a kid, grown-ups don't get to play very much.

Jelt: Who is your hero?

Truman: That's a hard one… My mom and dad I think, because they love me, feed me and play with me – crazy fun games, they also take us camping a lot. 

Jelt: What do you think makes you special? 

Truman: So I'm pretty good at BMX. But I like how I make friends wherever I go and I always have fun

Jelt: What is your favorite sport to do in your Jelt?

Truman: Probably skateboarding, since my shorts are kind of big and I totally need my belt to hold them up while I skate. This winter I'm going to try it with my snow pants, since they are big on me and so they don't fall down when I get big air! BMX riding of course, too.


Boy at bike race

Boy at bike race