The Jelt Guarantee

The Jelt Guarantee - Jelt Belt

At Jelt, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction and guarantee our products will last for years to come. We put our belts through rigorous tests to make sure they can withstand daily wear through all activities. We source strong elastic and print the silicone gel on the inside to further strengthen the elastic and assure that the belt won’t slip. The buckle material is made from industry grade nylon and from custom tooled injection molds that are then produced by buckle experts.

We do realize that human error or a rare defect can occur with any product. Therefore, we want all our customers to know that our guarantee stands. We will replace any defective or worn out Jelt belt for FREE. No questions asked.

If your belt ever wears out, breaks, or comes unstitched, please contact us and we will make it right. We want your Jelt belt to be the best belt you’ve ever owned. Not only because it was made in Montana, or because it’s made from sustainable materials, or even because every time you wear your Jelt belt, you know that a portion of that sale is donated to worthy causes. We want your Jelt belt to be the greatest belt you’ve ever owned because it’s guaranteed to last. That is the Jelt commitment to every customer, for every product we sell.

Thank you for your purchase. We value your support of our small business.


Jen Perry
Jelt Founder/President