Travel Essentials for a Van Trip Around Japan

Recently, our social media director traveled around Japan in a van. Taking her experiences back with her, she came up with a list of her tops items to include on your packing list if you want to feel prepared for 2 weeks in a van, but also travel light!  

Here are her top picks of Japan travel essentials she won't go without on her next road trip: 

1.  At least 1 Jelt Belt: 

When you're traveling in a Van, you are always on the go! Jelt belts work perfectly for the days you are wandering around Tokyo or in and out of the van at the Michi-no-eki roadside stations. And in case you didnt know, the snow in Japan is amazing! Jelts work as the perfect belt to slip on and off ski pants and keeps you feeling extra comfortable through all of your outfit changes.  

2. One good pair of jeans: 

As you may discover, when you're living out of a van, you rarely wear everything you bring. That's why having a good pair of jeans is key. You can wear your jeans in most restaurants in Japan and help you keep it casual when wandering through Yoyogi Park or visiting the Shinto Shrines in the northern towns of Nikko and Nagano. Our go-to is always a good pair of Levi's with a nice medium wash and straight leg.  

3. One hoodie that can be dressed up or down:

When on the road, never underestimate the power of a great hoodie or pullover. Pack one that is simple, but can also be dressed up and down. You never know where you might go! Try our heather grey pullover with a fun retro graphic.

4. A good hat: 

Van life is not the easiest to maintain "camera-ready" hair every day. It's always good to travel with a fun hat that can easily be thrown on to complete your look (or cover your locks). 

We love Intrigue Ink for their rowdy hats that always catch your eye. We also love their local designs created right out of Bozeman. 

5. Compression socks: 

Basically, a pair of compression flight socks are a pair of long socks that come in various levels of tightness or compression and help to increase the blood flow in your lower legs, thereby reducing the risk of blood clots and swollen feet from flying. Perfect for the long flight to Japan. 

Try these from Vim & Vigr socks for style and quality. 

 Make sure to check out Japan one day, it's amazing! Good luck on your travels and #jelting to show us all of the cool places you go!