Valentine's Day the Montana Way

Valentines Day is all about a dozen red roses and a heart shaped box of chocolates, am I right?  ..Wrong!  A handful of years ago my partner (now husband) and I decided that while the traditional gifts were well and good we wanted more from our snowy winter celebration of love- so adventuring we went!  Here are our top 5 favorite winter activities we've gifted each other over the years in snowy Southwest Montana.

#1 - Snowmobiling at Fairy Lake

We rented snowmobiles from the folks at Summit Motor Sports and headed up just 7 miles past Bridger Bowl to Fairy Lake Road.  This particular Valentines Day happened to fall on a weekday that we both had off of work, so we had the entire area to ourselves!  We snowmobiled the roughly 5 miles in and enjoyed a secluded picnic on the frozen lake then continued to explore the Northern Bridgers all afternoon!  The incredible winter scenery and blue skies added to the day, but please note that backcountry knowledge and avalanche gear is recommended when snowmobiling in this area. 

Fairy Lake Snowmobiling

#2 - Cross Country skiing at Homestake Pass Lodge

We rented a cozy cabin that is located directly on the ski trails and settled in for two days of skiing and cozying up by the wood stove with our pups.  This place is extra special for us as many of their trails are pup friendly.  Another added bonus: if you are staying the night at one of their numerous accommodation options you are able to ski whenever you like!  Midnight ski adventures through blizzards and lazy days spent relaxing on our cabin's porch made for the perfect getaway just 1.5 hours from Bozeman.

Homestake Pass

#3 - Dogsledding in Big Sky with Spirit of the North

Even though it's been 10 years since we were lucky enough to try out this adventure, we bet the views are still just as incredible!  The pups were all too happy to run along the secluded paths and we were treated to lunch with stunning views of Lone Peak.  Dinner and a pint at Lone Peak Brewery rounded out this fun adventure.

 Dogsledding Picture

#4 - Skiing, Bed and Breakfast and Offuro's in Darby, MT!

A beautiful 4 hour drive from Bozeman is the sleepy town of Darby, MT.  We stayed at the Darby Bed & Breakfast where they hosted some of the best meals I've ever had.  On request each day after skiing the staff had the two Japanese Offuro's pipping hot in the backyard.  Just the thing after a long day of skiing at Lost Trail Ski Area located just 30 minutes away!


*Image courtesy of Visit Bitterroot Valley.


#5 - Dinner at the Cateye Cafe and Chocolates fro La Chatelaine 

While we adore our adventures near and far some years a trip just isn't in the cards.  One of our favorite memories of a night out to celebrate is eating at the Cateye Cafe in Downtown Bozeman.  Normally a breakfast and lunch hot spot in Bozeman, Cateye Cafe opens their doors for a special dinner service a few times a year including Valentines Day!  The sassy waitresses and incredible food make for a night of laughter you won't soon forget.  Top it off with gourmet chocolates from local La Chatelaine for an extra treat!

La Chatelaine

It can be easy to fall in the winter rut of hanging at home..but get outside and explore and you won't regret it!  Our incredible backyard we all know and love continues to thrive and is full of adventure opportunities all 12 months of the year.  During all of these adventures and more don't forget to keep your pants on with our locally made Jelt Belts!