Why Elastic Belts Are Better Than Leather Belts

Why Elastic Belts Are Better Than Leather Belts - Jelt Belt

One of the biggest questions I get from people is why Jelt? Why are stretchy elastic belts better than the old tried and true leather belts that we have been wearing for centuries? I can answer that in five easy points:

  • Elastic belts are more comfortable. There’s a reason we all stopped wearing belts and that is because traditional leather belts dig into to your stomach, they don’t move with you, they are heavy and they are old-school. Jelt elastic belts, on the other hand are lightweight, have a stretch that forms to your body, a grippy inner gel that keeps the belt from riding up, and are also very cutting-edge cool.
  • Elastic belts have a slim, virtually invisible profile. One of the worst things about a leather belt with a metal buckle is the bulge it creates under your shirt. It’s very unflattering and makes people look “thicker” in the middle than they really are. When your shirt or sweater is untucked, Jelt elastic belts have a low-profile buckle that won’t show a bulge under fitted shirts.
  • Elastic belts can be sustainably made. By definition, most real leather belts are harsh on the environment. This is due to the tanning process of the leather that seeps into groundwater and the toxic chemicals are released into the air. Elastic belts, on the other hand can be made from recycled plastic that would otherwise end up in oceans and landfills.
  • Elastic belts have no metal parts. It is estimated that approximated 17% of women and 3% of men are allergic to nickel. Almost every metal buckle on a leather belt is made from nickel. You might not even know you are allergic until the metal touches your exposed skin and gives you a red rash. Elastic belts usually have plastic buckles, which are not only good for people with metal allergies, but also allows you to wear them through TSA and other metal detectors. No more stripping at the airport or the next NBA game you attend!
  • Elastic belts are intended for all types of pants, shorts and sportswear. Let’s be honest, we are all more casual these days. Many of us are wearing simple jeans or lightweight tech pants made my companies like REI. Modern-retro Jelt belts look amazing on all jeans—high waisted, low-waisted or just regular mid-waist. They also look a lot better and more in-style with tech pants, like Lulu Lemon or Vuori. Leather belts just look out of place on those types of pants and are much too heavy for the tech fabric on activewear.

In summary, leather belts are what most people know and understand. People have been wearing them for centuries. What other forms of clothing have not progressed in hundreds of years? Not many. So, why not try an elastic belt? It will help you understand the comfort and ease of a lightweight, washable accessory that was intended for a modern lifestyle.