Sized to Fit Belts

Man and woman in a park holding hands. Both are wearing Jelt original sized to fit elastic stretch belts with their stylish clothing

Discover the secure fit you always wanted with sized-to-fit elastic belts from Jelt. Available in multiple sizes, these belts are designed with your comfort in mind. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns to complement any outfit. Each belt features a metal-free buckle that lays flat to stay out of the way. Made from recycled materials, Jelt belts are sustainable accessories for eco-conscious adventurers. Learn more about what makes our sized-to-fit elastic belts such a great accessory to add to your wardrobe.

Belts Fit for All-Day Comfort

Getting a snug fit is easy when you choose from this selection of Jelt belts. Each of our sized-to-fit options is made to provide a comfortable feel that’s just right for you. Because the elastic material moves with you, it feels snug yet never too tight or restrictive. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy any type of activity without your belt slipping down or cinching in too tight. In addition to the secure fit, each belt features grippy gel along the inside that holds pants up with or without belt loops, allowing you to wear your Jelt belt with any clothing in your closet.

Four Belt Sizes Available

Choose from four sizes (x-small, small, medium and large) to get the ideal fit. Each belt features an extra four inches of stretch to ensure that you feel confident and comfortable all day long. For example, our medium belt measures 34 inches long, but stretches to 38 inches (see our size chart for details). That allows for added movement throughout any activities you want to enjoy, whether you’re mountain biking on a tough trail, going golfing with a few friends or tackling a challenging hike. The super-strong elastic material is what makes Jelt belts so perfect for all kinds of outdoor adventures and athletic endeavors. Get your sized-to-fit belt to enjoy a stylish and functional accessory for any activity.