Our Manufacturing

Why Our Manufacturing is Important


As of late 2016, Jelt has moved manufacturing for all new belt lines from China to our home state of Montana. The Jelt Extreme launched in December as our first belt to be manufactured in Montana. It is our goal to move all future belt and product manufacturing to Montana and within the U.S.


Jelt is committed to giving back to our communities and strives to help people live a more productive life. That is why we are working with the Montana Correctional Enterprise (MCE) Program at the Montana Women’s Prison. This privileged program guides incarcerated women through an application and interview process, which is required for program participation. These women develop a strong work ethic, new job skills and grow their confidence, which will make them a more marketable employee in the future.


Jelt is proud to be a continued supporter of MCE and other quality programs that empower people to be successful in life.


“Incarceration can be synonymous with a wide variety of negative words. Hopeless, failure, shame...the list goes on. At one point I felt all of these things, about myself and my future. Since being employed through the MCE Industries program, I have come to believe that I can achieve so much more than I once thought. I have gained the confidence, responsibility and a work ethic I know I will carry with me the rest of my life and ensure a stable and productive future I can be proud of.” - Emily J.