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Why Jelt?

Jelt was established in 2014 as a cause-driven business. Our purpose is to create sustainable products that everyone needs, then use the proceeds to give back to our community, our country, and our planet.


No belt loops? No problem! Our grippy gel along the inside keeps the belt in place even if your pants don’t have belt loops. They're perfect for all kinds of athletic and outdoor activities, including golfing, skiing, biking, hiking, and more.


Give your pants the support they need with our lightweight, low-profile design. Each belt was made with your optimal comfort in mind so that it never gets in the way and is never too tight or restrictive.


Our sized-to-fit, adjustable belts are more than a style statement- they're built to move with you no matter the challenge!

Eco Friendly

From plastic waste to your waist! Our belts are sustainably designed from recycled plastic bottles to create comfortable, premium elastic. So how does it work? Through an eco-friendly process, the bottles are recycled into flakes, melted into pellets, turned into yarn, and then woven into the stretchy elastic webbing.

Made in the USA

Made locally in Montana, our belts were created with the purpose to make a difference. We proudly use our proceeds to give back to our community, country, and planet.

TSA Friendly

Don't get slowed down at your next security checkpoint! Our lightweight belts have a metal-free design, so they can be worn through airport TSA security. That’s one less item to take off and then put back on, especially while you’re juggling your other belongings and carry-on bags.

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See What Our Customers Are Saying

"I had a favorite stretch belt for years and it was needing to be replaced. I bought a Jelt belt and it's an even better belt. I love the grip on the back of the belt and after figuring out the clasp it is easy to use. Great belt." - Lois S.

"I purchased two of these belts and I love them. Work just as advertised and are so comfortable!" - Linda C.

"I love this belt. I kept putting off buying any belts because of their bulk and how uncomfortable they could be, but I needed one. When I saw the ad for Jelt, I thought it sounded good but it could just be clever marketing. It wasn't. It is an excellent belt. You adjust as you wish and it stays! And it lays flat! And it's comfortable! Love it. I'm ordering another in a different color." - Elizabeth M.