Galentine's Day Gift Ideas

Galentine's Day Gift Ideas - Jelt Belt

What Are Some Unique and Thoughtful Gifts for Galentine’s Day?

Ok, did Hallmark create another holiday to get consumers to spend tons of money on a random day in February? Galentine’s Day is on Februrary 13th, the day before the infamous Valentine’s Day. It is a day where we recognize our best friends in the whole wide world, possibly multiple buddies, or even better, just the one “bestie” in your life.

Amazingly enough, Galentine’s Day was was not invented by Hallmark, but instead unofficially coined by Leslie Nope in the TV show Parks and Rec back in February of 2010, season two of the show. Fast forward to now and the gist of Galentine’s Day is celebrating platonic friendships that can far exceed romantic relationships and many times last longer.

As a fan of Galentine’s Day myself, I have complied a short list of some of the best and most unique Galentine’s Day gifts on the planet. Keep in mind, my ideas and suggestions are more about experiences and kindness, other than just a bouquet of flowers that will die, or a box of chocolates that initially make you feel happy and satisfied, but eventually guilty and bloated. (I know this from my personal chocolate addiction.)

Here's a quick list of fun, unique and clever gifts for your Galentine:

  • Concert/Show/Sports tickets: This is my favorite gift for any occasion bar none. Not only is it a thoughtful gift, but it’s something to talk about and look forward to for days, weeks or even months in advance. You can grab some tickets on Vivid Seats, plan transportation, lodging (if out of town), where you will eat before/after, what you will wear, etc etc. It’s damn exciting.
  • Clothing item or accessory for an outdoor activity: I know this sounds advanced, but it’s really not. Planning a day together hiking, biking, skiing or golfing is just what the doctor ordered for the February wintertime blues. Maybe grab your pal a fun hat or rowdy sunglasses or even more unique—hers and hers Jelts! A super cute Daisy or Festival patterned Jelt for the groovy type, or neutral colors for the preppy or tomboy friend. There’s really something for everyone and if it includes a day out together exercising, then even better. The best part is you can take an “us-ie” photo in your matching Jelt belts and know that you are supporting a woman-owned small business that gives back.
  • Massage or pedicure gift certificate: Your friend will be forever grateful to get the gift of relaxation. She can plan it on her own time and think of you when all of her cares are melting away. Make sure you pick a nice spa for the massage or pedicure, instead of the usual chop-shop that we to every month or so for upkeep. It will feel more decadent that way.
  • Home-cooked meal: While you may eat out together often, a meal prepared in your very own home with a lovely table setting and great music is so wonderful. The effort you make and the love you put into the meal does not go unseen. Acts of love and friendship are always more important than monetary gifts-- and can fit any budget. If your pal doesn’t have a favorite meal, choose a theme she likes, such as Italian night and make homemade pasta, or Asian night and make sushi or spring rolls. It's all good as long as you have lots of wine!
  • A curated playlist: This may sound cheesy or like a scene from a 90’s movie like Say Anything, but creating a downloadable or shareable playlist on Spotify or some other shareable platform is not only affordable, but downright epic. Who in the world knows better than you what your best friend likes to listen to while walking the dog or waiting for her flight at the airport. Dig deep on this because you want to surprise your Galentine with songs from every era of their life—from Madonna to Miley Cyrus, or Johnny Cash to Chris Stapleton. Start with her early years and then bring it to modern day—all with your best friend’s favorite artists and songs. They might not be your favorite songs, which is the point. You are showing the best friend in your life that you know them well, and you love their bad taste just as much as their good. Now that’s a true friend!