Jelt Adjustable Belt Bundle Black JeltX and Venture

Venture + JeltX Adjustable Belt Bundle

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Our top-selling adjustable belts are now available in a bundle. Get the JeltX adjustable belt, paired with the durable and rugged Venture adjustable elastic stretch belt, both in all black. These customer favorites are versatile and ready for wherever your adventures take you. Wear them on work pants or your favorite pair of jeans and then take them on your next rugged outing. Wherever you go, these elastic waist belts keep your pants on and in place, while being comfortable and discreet. The JeltX adjustable features a sleek no-show magnetic buckle and non-slip inner grippy gel to hold it securely in place. The Venture belt is metal-free, making it ideal for travel and ease through airport security. An added bonus, both belts are Made in Bozeman, Montana with sustainable materials from recycled plastic bottles. Buckle up for an exciting day with these top-rated adjustable belts for women and men.

  • 2-pack bundle includes a JeltX adjustable belt and Venture adjustable belt
  • Both styles, all black
  • Sizes: One size fits everyone up to 50"
  • Designed for heavy pants and hardcore adventure
  • Made for men and women
  • JeltX Buckle: Flat, no-show magnetic buckle with an interlocking design to avoid unappealing buckle bulge
  • Venture Buckle: Minimal, low profile and non-metal buckle snaps into place
  • Can be worn with or without belt loops
  • Non-slip inner grip gel
  • Waterproof
  • Elastic material: Recycled polyester/rubber/nylon (from recycled plastic bottles)
  • Belt width: JeltX 1.25” | Venture: 1.5”
Jelt belt size chart


Icon three plastic bottles and recycling arrows representing Jelt elastic belts being made from recycled plastic bottles.

Jelt elastic belts are made from recycled plastic bottles, which would otherwise be left in oceans and landfills.

Icon of the inside of a Jelt elastic belt, representing the quality of the belts made from durable, comfortable stretchy elastic

Our belts are made from durable, comfortable stretchy elastic, which forms to your body and keeps your pants in place.

Icon of a Jelt low profile buckle, an ingenious design.

The flat buckle design won’t show a bulge under fitted shirts. Being hypoallergenic and metal-free, it can be worn through security checkpoints.


Jelt is committed to giving back. We donate a portion of every sale to organizations supporting veterans, youth and the environment.