Youth Navy and Orange Stripe  elastic belts rolled.
Youth Navy and Orange Stripe  elastic belts spiral view..
A girl and boy both age 10, wearing Jelt Youth elastic stretch belts with jeans and Montana T-shirts.
Youth Navy and Orange Stripe  elastic belt shown with belt anatomy: Made from recycled materials, grippy gel, metal-free and a no-show flat buckle..

Youth: Navy/Orange Stripe

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Older kids and teens can rock it old school with this cool ‘80s retro belt from Jelt. With a rich navy blue and bold orange pattern, it’s the perfect way to add a pop of color to any outfit. Boys and girls can wear this durable elastic striped belt with casual and outdoor pants. Ideal for jeans, school uniforms, shorts, and ski and snowboard pants.

This unisex Jelt belt never slows kids down thanks to its sleek, lightweight design. The flat, metal-free buckle is especially easy to fasten and lays flat for a cool, sleek style. Thanks to super-grippy gel along the inside, this kids’ belt stays put and holds pants up with or without belt loops. Today’s eco-conscious kids think it’s cool that the elastic material is made from recycled water bottles, and these non-metal belts ensure faster progress through airport TSA security while traveling.

  • Youth size = Adult size XS
  • Fits most ages 9-14(ish)
  • Measures: 28” and stretches to 32”
  • Pant size: 22”-26”(ish)
  • Elastic material made from 100% recycled plastic bottles
  • 100% cruelty-free, 100% vegan
  • Hypoallergenic, 100% nickel-free and non-metal belt
  • Belt width 1.125”
  • Weight approx. 2 oz.
Jelt belt size chart


Icon three plastic bottles and recycling arrows representing Jelt elastic belts being made from recycled plastic bottles.

Jelt elastic belts are made from recycled plastic bottles, which would otherwise be left in oceans and landfills.

Icon of the inside of a Jelt elastic belt, representing the quality of the belts made from durable, comfortable stretchy elastic

Our belts are made from durable, comfortable stretchy elastic, which forms to your body and keeps your pants in place.

Icon of a Jelt low profile buckle, an ingenious design.

The flat buckle design won’t show a bulge under fitted shirts. Being hypoallergenic and metal-free, it can be worn through security checkpoints.


Jelt is committed to giving back. We donate a portion of every sale to organizations supporting veterans, youth and the environment.